New Dining Out Data Report

Dining Out Data is a consumer study in the foodservice market tracking Australians’ eating out practices as well as changing preferences for different cuisine types and dining out experiences.  

Over the past two decades Australians have made eating out a way of lifeThe Australian Foodservice market is a well developed and sophisticated market offering a unique combination of different cuisines and eating out options. Dining Out Data keeps the finger on the pulse of this dynamic and unique market. 

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 As data accumulates, subscribers are able to follow shifting  trends and developments in the dining out market.

 This report was published in January 2019. Price is only   $195 plus postage.

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This report is based on a nation wide consumer survey based on a strict methodology and gives real dining insights such as:

  • What are the most common websites diners use when searching for a dining experience,
  • How often do Australians dine out and where do they prefer to go,
  • Average food spend per meal across different types of foodservice outlet,
  • Average alchoholic and non-alcoholic beverage spend per meal,
  • Why people dine out and with whom,
  • How these factors vary by age, gender and income level,
  • And much more.